I’d love to support you in Zurich (other locations in Switzerland & online available), in-house at your office, your workplace or online. I have 35 years of experience and together we determine the state of affairs, the goals to achieve and the direction of our collaboration. Then we get down to work.

N.B. Together with my partners at the Institute 4-Health, we support departments, corporations and organizations on their way to peak health.

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The premature deaths of Ulf’s parents left an indelible mark on his life!

For a remarkable ten years, he honed his skills as the deputy solo horn in an orchestra. And it dawned on him that the untimely loss of his parents could potentially have been prevented.

This epiphany sparked a radical change in his path. He firmly believes that no one should ever have to endure the loss of a loved one before their time.

Throughout his career in complementary healthcare, spanning decades, his unwavering focus and insatiable curiosity inspired researchers and empowered people like you, struggling with coordination issues, diabetes, debilitating whiplash, obesity or cancer, to triumph over the self-imposed limitations they once faced by implementing straightforward, non-invasive yet proven interventions.

Ulf’s EMT approach has proven to be a true game changer, profoundly impacting both your wealth ad your well-being because

Your Health = Your Wealth!

Action Takers

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John C. Anderson

“Working with Ulf has been of tremendous benefit to me in ways that still continue to surprise. His approach is precise and demonstrable, based on good sense and delivered with humor.”

John C. Anderson


“Two weeks later I realised that I hadn’t had any tension in the back of my neck at all! It was amazing!”

Claire Boyles

Business Coach und HR Consultant

Claire Boyles
Tiago Flores

“Already the second day the orchestra sounded more resonant and more colourful.”

Tiago Flores

Artistic Director OSPA

“It's amazing what you're able to draw from a simple everyday situation. It's like you're Socrates, but in the field of body and health. What a value proposition!”

Michael Hyzik

…managing governance topics

“I finished the Swiss Championship in 1st place… and have a better perception of my body, can let it rest on surfaces and execute a movement effectively with only 50% of the effort.”

Daniela Bertiriggi

Cross Country

Milos Viazanica

“My neck stopped hurting and I felt a huge relief in my whole body. … I must say that Ulf has an incredibly deep understanding of the human body.
He truly is a Motion Master.”

Milos Viazanica

Owner SME

“a systemic understanding of the organism, that does not separate mind and body”

Silvana Azevedo


Silvia Azevedo
Thomas Pier

“in the attachment you’ll find the exceptional evaluation of your course with us….”

Thomas Pier

NDR Company Medical Officer

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Health & Movement
Performance Coaching

Rehabilitation after Injury

Expert Examiner

Working with Groups


Complete "Mentorship Membership"

bridging the gap between where you are today and                         
                         the health you desire and deserve

12 Full Months of Training with Ulf Tölle MPH

A full year of Ulf's complete curriculum and group support. Exactly what you need to break through your obstacles and tap into your health. Exactly what you need to Become a Motion Master in your own right. In Chinese Medicine they say that you can be either healthy, ill or NOT YET ill.

EAT in a way that truly empowers your health, MOVE in a way your body wants to be moved &  learn more about  yourself, so you THINK differently to create an easy and sustainable path for yourself forward for years to come.
This time it's your chance to truly take agency for YOUR LIFE.

The Mentorship – Membership will provide you with the information and guidance and all the necessary steps to make your way and take the necessary steps to becoming as vibrant and healthy as possible. It is the ideal option for people to Do It Yourself


From ill & shutdown To Vibrant & Healthy - Do It With Ulf

12 Full Months of Training with Ulf Tölle PHC

A full year of Ulf's complete curriculum and group support:

  • The Modules
  • FB Group support
  • Monthly Q&A
  • Weekly Guided Group Practice (40+ times)
  • 30 Accountability / Coaching Calls with Ulf

The Mentorship – Membership plus the Personal Health Coaching will provide you with the information and accountability calls with Ulf to empower you to take the necessary steps to becoming as vibrant and healthy as possible. It is the ideal option for people who want (and maybe need) to Do It With Me.

Ulf Tölle

Work Experience

Complementary Therapist RKZ – Back Pain Clinic in Zurich
November 2004 – Present

Since 2004 I am working as a Complementary Therapist and Personal Health Coach in the office of Dr. H. Holdener MD. I am helping his patients to cope better with chronic and recurring back pain or after an accident with whiplash trauma.

CPD for Physiotherapists, Porto Alegre, Brazil

After my courses at the University UFRGS in Porto Alegre a physiotherapist in 1997 approached me to create a course directed at physiotherapists. This course actually hit a spot and for the next 10 years I was busy creating different versions and levels of that course to serve that community.

Associate Professor Alexander-Technique, University of Music, Stuttgart
October 1987- September 1997

In my decade in Stuttgart of individual and group work with instrumentalists, conductors, singers and actors, I had the privilege to help students realize how they employ their body, what sound they achieve and how the two interconnect. And the way they use their body impacts also their personal health and their ability for peak performance.


Personal Health Coach, University of Basel Advanced Studies

September 2021 – June 2022

As a Personal Health Coach (PHC), I can achieve targeted health-related behavioural changes with my clients. “Exercise is Medicine” – evidence-based knowledge and best practice models in the area of non-communicable disease therapy and prevention are at the core of my expertise as well as Intervention strategies for exercise and sports, nutrition, stress regulation, and competencies for conducting fitness and health assessments.

Complementary Therapist with Federal Diploma, OdA KT & BBT

September 2006 – January 2018

In Switzerland Complementary Therapists can obtain an expert qualification in their area of activity. The advanced federal diploma of professional education and training is awarded if this exam is passed.
I am someone who has participated in this field from the very start.

Master of Public Health, Universities Basel, Bern & Zürich

September 2004 – May 2011

In 2010 the Swiss Universities Basel, Bern and Zurich conferred on me the Master’s Degree in Public Health. For my thesis, I ran a scientific study (a pilot) on movement rehabilitation after whiplash.

Alexander-Technique — Yehuda Kuperman / Basel – Don Weed D.C. / Zürich – Mio Morales / U.S.

1983–86 and 1993–97 and 2021-today

Altogether I dedicated 9 years to the study of the Alexander Technique and completed trainings courses in two different traditions. Since then countless professional trainings in this and related areas. Last year I started over one more time and I am enjoying the increase in knowledge and understanding.

Music / Degree in Education, Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Hamburg

September 1979 – February 1982

I received my degree in Education 1982 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg (University of Music, Hamburg).

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