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Motion Mastery with Ulf Tölle

Do you need to always be your best to perform at your peak?

Motion Mastery is for peak performers such as mid-level managers and CEOs, sportspeople, teachers, professional musicians, and performing artists who by understanding their body and mastering movement enjoy a better quality of life and perform at a higher level.
Daniela Bertiriggi
I finished the Swiss Championship in 1st place…
… beyond belief! I have come into contact with myself in a natural and simple way. No big story, just straightforward. And my results: A better perception of my body, that I can let it​ rest on surfaces and that I can execute a movement effectively ​with only half the effort. I don’t have enough words to say thank you!

Daniela Bertiriggi, Cross Country Runner / 1. place f -50

You don’t have to be an athlete to perform optimally!

The Motion Mastery method teaches you how to become a motion master in your own right. This method is designed to rapidly allow you to connect to your body, understand the importance of movement and learn how to move your body freely the way your body wants.
Mostion Matery has proven to positively impact health, self-confidence and facilitate high-level performance, and anyone can learn the method.
Ulf - Campo Tencia

Live well and free of pain to boost your performance

Most people go through life unaware of the impact of movement on their health. Our philosophy is that you can easily move better when you acquire a deeper understanding of how your body actually works and how a lifetime of wrong movements is holding you back.

Motion Mastery is a powerful journey into self-discovery.

The more you learn about yourself and understand the essential link between body and mind, the easier it will be for you to effortlessly evolve into a life that is free from pain, self-limitations and acquire the freedom and self-confidence you need to truly enjoy life.

When you start to study Motion Mastery™ with Ulf, you are in for a change. You will identify those physical and mental habits that are limiting you and learn how to change them. Motion Mastery allows you to gradually master your body and mind to achieve constant personal growth.

This powerful method helps peak performers manage life’s daily challenges and take on more while reducing stress levels.

Motion Mastery has also proven to be highly effective at helping people recover and deal with non-communicable health issues such as diabetes, obesity, depression, cancer & recovery, ageing or burnout.

Ulf In Motion
“The sense of freedom and wellbeing you get from mastering motion is magical!”
Ulf Tolle – Founder Motion Mastery™

You will discover this by implementing small incremental steps towards Motion Mastery™. This method is not a quick fix, it can take time, even though I have witnessed students achieving stunning results within weeks.

Whether short-term or long-term, anyone can learn this method and early on, experience the freedom that comes from feeling better and progressing towards a sustained feeling of wellbeing and self-confidence.

For whom is Motion Mastery especially effective?

High performance executive
You need to be in top shape mentally and physically, all the time
People who need to function and perform at a high level often have to do so with an exceptionally high level of pressure.
You need to tap into your full potential to become the peak performer you know you can be.
You had an injury and need to get back to your former high level
You suffered an injury and you finished your medical treatment or Physiotherapy. You need to start training again.
Yet, neither your coach nor you know how to expertly put charge on your body while avoiding follow-up injuries.
Recovering cancer paient
You got ill and need to boost your recovery and mindset
You are suffering from non-communicable diseases and are struggling with the daily challenges surrounding your ailment.
You want to reclaim your health and learn how to alleviate the pain you are experiencing.
The years are passing by, but you want to stay young and fit
You are slowly getting older but you want to maintain great energy levels, independence and autonomy.
You know you can improve your quality of life and remain free being in control and self-reliant.
Basil Kritzer
“Each lesson made my brain go ‘AHA”
One of my most important teachers in Germany was Sensei Ulfried Tölle. Each lesson was one that made my brain go ‘aha’. He did it every time! I must have taken more than 20 lessons.
The ” Aha, I get it ” school is rare in this world. The mainstream teaching method is more vigorous, where the movements and use of the body are directly and experientially communicated using the teacher’s hands as a guide to retrain the body. This method has immediate visible and obvious effects, changing the way you feel and use your body. It’s also a lesson that I can use later.
That’s what I was really looking for. I wanted to grow autonomously.

Basil Kritzer , French Hornist & Alexander–Technique Teacher, Japan

Leave nothing to chance!

I care deeply about every student. I also believe that everyone has the right to live a great life that is free from pain and self-limitations. And because the greatest gift I can share is helping people experience a better quality of life and self-confidence, I left nothing to chance.

My Motion Mastery method offers a holistic approach to health with the benefit of a very rich background that allowed me to make a difference in people’s lives.

Here’s my background:

  • AlexanderTechnique Teacher who studied the technique in two different traditions, now even walking a 3rd path (the online approach) into teaching Mr. Alexander’s Work
  • Master’s Degree in Public Health with a profound understanding of health both on individual and group levels
  • Swiss Federal Diploma as a complementary therapist, equivalent to a university degree.
  • Worked 17 years in the clinic of a spine surgeon helping his patients deal with chronic and recurring back pain and whiplash trauma, and now also working with a neurosurgeon
  • Served in many national and international positions within my profession as an Alexander Technique teacher
  • Extensive knowledge in the fields of allied health professionals as an expert examiner for complementary therapies and worked within a team of 10 complementary therapists
  • Personal experience as a performer, having played 10 years in an orchestra
  • Taught 10 years at the University of Music in Stuttgart as a coach for coordination, movement and health
  • Over 30 years in coaching internationally.
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Ulf Tölle

With you every step of the way to ensure lasting results

High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive

Because everyone is unique, taking the time to know you is essential to get the best results. We do this journey together.

High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive
High performance executive

Whenever possible, working outdoors in nature is always best. It enhances your ability to connect with yourself and without pressure gain the understanding of how your body works and how it impacts your mind.

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