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My name is


Tölle MPH

Coach on ​Movement & Health ​
​Complementary Therapist
​Health Scientist

H i !

​I'm Ulf ​Tölle MPH

​Coach on ​Movement & Health ​
​Complementary Therapist
​Health Scientist


About me

UIf Tölle, Coach​ ​on Movement, HealthPerformance 

I'd love to support you in Zurich​ (other locations​ available), inhouse at your office, your workplace ​or online.
​Together we determine the state of affairs, the goals ​to achieve and the direction ​of our collaboration. Then we get down to work.
N.B. Together with my partners ​we support departments, ​corporations and organizations on their way to peak health

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Personal Details

Experience as a Coach:

35 ​years




​Where about: Zurich, CH

​Contact and appointments: C​lick here, please


I'm Good At...

​Health & ​Movement

​Freedom ​& ease of motion, ​be it ​after a full day's work​… or after a whiplash ​accident


​CEOs, ​Sportists,​ ​Artists - we all ​​​want ​to improve our ​performance​…

Motion Mastery

Helping sportists to close the gap after​ medical treatment ends ​back to full training ​


​My courses ​will help you ​to​ ​turn ​your knowledge ​into practical understanding ​

MY skills

Experience Levels

​Health & ​Movement

Performance Coaching

Rehabilitation ​after ​Injury


​Working with ​ Groups

MY experience

Work Experience


​Complementary ​Therapist

RKZ – ​​Back Pain Clinic in Zurich

​Since 2004 I am working as a complementary therapist in the ​office of Dr. H. ​Holdener MD ​​​mainly with the Alexander-Technique. I​ am helping ​his patients to cope better with chronic and recurring back pain ​or after an accident with whiplash​ trauma.


​CPD for ​ Physiotherapists

​in Porto Alegre, ​Brazil

​After my early ​​courses at the​ Universit​y UFRGS ​in Porto Alegre ​a lady, physiotherapist, asked me to create a course​ ​directed at​ physiotherapists​. ​This course​actually hit a spot​ and for the next 10 years I was busy​ creating ​different versions and levels of that course to ​serve that community.

​Oct. 1987 - Sept 1997

​Associate Professor

​University of ​Music, Stuttgart

​In my decade​ ​in Stuttgart ​of individual and group work with instrumentalists​, singers​, actors and conductors​ I had the privilege to ​help students ​realize how they employ their body, what sound they achieve and how ​it interconnects. How they use their body ​impacts both their personal mid and long term health​ and their ability ​for peak performance. ​


My Studies

SEPT 2006 - JANUAR 2018

​Complementary Therapist 
​with Federal Diploma


​In Switzerland ​Complementary Therapists​ ​can ​obtain an expert qualification in their area of activity. The advanced federal diploma of professional education and training​  is awarded if this exam is passed.
I am someone ​who has participated in this ​field  from the very start. 

SEPT 2004 - MAI 2011

Master of Public Health

Universities Basel, 
Bern & Zürich

​In 2010 ​the Swiss Universities Basel, ​Bern and Zurich conferred on me​ the Master's Degree in Public Health. For ​my thesis ​I ran a​ scientific study (a pilot) ​on movement rehabilitation after whiplash​.

1983–86  und  1993–97

ITM ​Education

Y. Kuperman / Basel  
Don Weed D.C. / Zürich

​Altogether I dedicated 7 years to the study of ​the Alexander Technique​​ and completed ​trainings courses in two different traditions ​ ​Since then countless ​professional trainings in this and related areas​.

SEPT 1979 - FEB. 1982

Music / Degree in Education​

Hochschule für Musik und Theater / Hamburg

​I received my degree in Education 1982 at the Hochschule für Musik und Theater in Hamburg (University of Music, Hamburg).


My Work
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Client Testimonials

​Working with Ulf has been of tremendous benefit to me in ways that still continue to surprise. His approach is precise and demonstrable, based on good sense and delivered with humor. 


​John C. Anderson


​I finished the Swiss Championship in 1st place…​
​and have a better perception of my body, can let ​it rest on surfaces​ and execute a movement effectively ​with only ​50% of the effort.


​Daniela Bertiriggi
​Cross Country 


​​My neck stopped hurting and I felt a huge relief in my whole body. … ​I must say that Ulf has an incredibly deep understanding of the human body – he truly is a Motion Master.                           


​​Milos Viazanica
​Owner SME


What They Say About Me

​CLAIRE BOYLES​ - ​Business Coach und HR Consultant

"​​Two weeks later I realised that I hadn’t had any tension in the back of my neck at all! It was amazing!​"

​SILVANA AZEVEDO - ​​Physiotherapeutin​

"​a systemic​ understanding of the organism​, ​that does not separate mind and body​"

​THOMAS PIER​ - NDR Betriebsarzt

"​in the attachment you'll find the exceptional evaluation of your course​ with us…."


K​ünstlerischer Leiter OSPA​

"​Already the second day​
the orchestra sounded
more resonant and
more colourful."

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​please use any of the following options to contact me​. I look forward to meeting you soon, on the phone, in person or via mail.


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