May 6


Sceptical about changing habits? But you wanna dance on, right?

By Ulf

May 6, 2020

So you are complaining, huh? And you’re tired of having to see the physio or chiropractor while still finding yourself stuck with the same nuisance.
Changing habits? Yeah,…  but how

Now you’ve come across Motion Mastery and it looks like this work is different. As you have read the testimonials here, you see people being enthusiastic about it. And you’re asking me «Hey, why should Motion Mastery be any different?»

Phew…,  that’s a fair question and you are not the only one who comes asking. It seems a question that bugs not only you, but in one way or the other most if not all of our students when our roads cross.

Not for everyone, but …

I want to be straight forward with you and simply admit: I have met people for whom Motion Mastery™ was not a good match. The testimonials that you have seen here  have been written by people who really dug in with their search for a solution to their movement and tension related issues.

Thanks – after changing habits

For instance, if you take Katie‘s statement, she had been looking for solutions all over the place, for seven years prior to coming across Motion Mastery™ and had practically given up when we met. And then we both were very lucky – she in the way she describes it here, and me in the way that she was intensely listening, even craving for what I had to say and show, yup.

Trust your experience

There was an intense listening, and there was her openness, which is so necessary for Motion Mastery™ to create the impact it really can have. This has been true for all of the  people experiencing success in changing habits and for whom Motion Mastery™ have had the privilege to become their chosen catalyst of change.

Where is true North when changing habits
… true North?

At the same time you don’t have to believe anything before you ever meet me (and neither afterwards). But I need to be upfront about this point of openness:

You don’t have to believe anything, you don’t have to put away with your scepticism, but please follow along with and trust your own experience. Without your openness this work cannot “hit home“.

For instance:  When I worked with Claire for the first time, she couldn’t tell if there was any difference at all between before and after we worked.  Only a fortnight later (!), she realized that she hadn’t had any tension in the back of her neck at all !!!  She was open enough to register and ask  «hey, wait a second… what’s going on here with me now?» The tension she used to feel in the back of her neck and shoulders was quite painful, and only by having massages by professionals she got relief, though not sustainably — time and again she had to go back to massage.

How about you?
Would support in changing habits benefit you?  

Please, let us know your ideas below. I’ld appreciate hearing your voice!

I know we have only a short time together here but the great news is: I run a business – Motion Mastery™ – specifically to help more in-depth with changing habits, having fun and improving coordination. You’ll find me here, in the Barbican area,  and in Zurich.  So if you are fed up of being stuck all the time with the same problem and came across Motion Mastery™ — it is worth giving it a go. If you want more, even though I can’t promise success the very first session around – but give me some five sessions and we are talking…

You want to know more? More information on my Starter Packages you’ll find by clicking on the “In-Person“ package – the IP-package

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If you are on the verge of deciding and keep thinking “… but I still can’t decide“ then let’s sit down and let’s have a cup of tea or coffee together while we meet on skype.
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Thanks for being curious! I hope to see you some time soon, maybe even in person!

I’ll be back — every fortnight with a new blog post.

About the author

In a world where healthcare no longer cares about health and our doctors fight pathology rather than teach us how to advance our best health and increase our vitality, I am championing health. It is my passion to catalyze and guide world-changers to tune in to their bodies innate wisdom to aspire invigorating and ever improving coordination & movement health for a life time. Becoming as healthy and vigorous as possible enables us to empower ourselves and others and shape our environment, our world. As B. Ware puts it: “Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.”

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