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By Ulf

September 10, 2020

Back Pain

Lower Back Pain

Have you ever experienced a low, throbbing lower back pain? 

If you do, you’re not alone. According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four adults over the age of 18 suffers from back pain. Many of them are so crippled by the pain that they are unable to perform their everyday tasks.

Did you know that back pain is one of the most common work-related injuries? Despite this, most workers feel embarrassment and fear whenever they want to convey their concern in the workplace. According to a study in the United Kingdom, the greatest work-related challenges for back pain sufferers include:

  • Fear of not being taken seriously while conveying back pain concerns to colleagues and superiors
  • Anxiety about their productivity and ability to work in the future
  • Coping with flare-ups while on the job
  • Medication concerns, and
  • The consequences of being late or taking time off because of the pain.

Back Pain’s Toll on Work Productivity

Common work-related conditions, such as back pain and headaches, cost employers billions of pounds, euros, dollars and Swiss franks every year. These conditions cause employees to come in late, do less work, or call in sick every day. The American Productivity Audit conducts national surveys to determine how much of an impact these conditions have on employee productivity. For Europe the European Working Conditions Survey (EWCS 2010) maintains that the 2 biggest problems at the workplace are musculoskeletal problems: more than 25% of the working population suffer from back pain and more than 23% suffer from muscular pains. Unfortunately it hasn't gotten better: the 7th EWCS (in its 1st results from 2020) states an even increased incidence of musculoskeletal diseases.

Tips for Treating Back Pain

Back pain occurs on many individuals on a daily basis. The actual cause of this condition is difficult to determine, but there are some tips for its prevention and relief. Back pain can be treated without spending a lot of money, taking copious amounts of medication, or consuming hours of treatment.

To prevent back pain flare-ups, ergonomics is crucial. Your office chair must have enough padding, adjustable height, and proper and well-distributed support. Do not slouch while you are seated. Practice good posture whenever possible. Driving or riding in a car can trigger flare-ups as well. To prevent this from happening, adjust your seat so you don’t have to stretch or slouch to reach the pedals and the steering wheel.

Are you overweight? Losing a few pounds may be beneficial. When you are overweight, your centre of gravity may shift, causing your back to support extra weight. This may give you backache.

Repetitive stress injuries RSI should be avoided at all costs. Over time, they may develop into more serious, difficult-to-treat problems. Do not sit or stand in one position for prolonged periods. Shift, take short walks, and stretch whenever you can.

Study Motion Mastery, participate in a Workshop, meet Ulf and make an appointment. Learning how to get rid of the built-up tension in your body may help alleviate pain and make your movements easier. It is one of the best ways to solve body problems, and will be especially beneficial for back pain sufferers. And there are further ways like chiropractic treatment or osteopathy and other efffective methods to manage and treat existing back pain

Coping With Back Pain at Work

Back pain is a common phenomenon, yet poses critical consequences for a worker’s health and productivity. It is not a good idea to suffer in silence, because this may prevent you from getting physical and emotional relief. The best way to break this cycle is to see a doctor and work out a treatment plan. With effective measures to prevent back pain flare-ups, you can be as effective and productive as you once were!

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On Motion Mastery™

What Is The Objective Of Motion Mastery™?

Motion Mastery™ is a place where people can find orientation and tools to improve their health, so they can become more of who they are.


What Health Related Services Do You Offer?

I am a neuromuscular re-education specialist and coach. I have a medical training background as complementary therapist and one way to think about Motion Mastery™ is: it's a place where you can find orientation towards better health.

And you don't have to be sick first to improve your personal health.

You can think of me as a health coach or more precisely as a movement health coach. If there were topics involved like for e.g. nutrition, I'd refer you to competent professionals in that field. And I'll certainly refer you to your primary health care provider if it is an issue of his or her field.
Please also observe our Medical Disclaimer

Does Motion Mastery™ Provide Primary Health Care?

Motion Mastery™ is not a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and / or medical treatment of your condition by a doctor or primary healthcare provider.

Please also observe our Medical Disclaimer

What Is Your Training Background?

I am a professional performer and trained as coach for movement health in a STAT recognised Training Course 1983-1986. I am a member of the Swiss Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique SBAT. 
 Between 1993-1997 I immersed a second time in an Alexander Teacher Training Course, and studied the Interactive Teaching Method with Dr. Donald L. Weed D.C. and have been a member of the ITM Teachers' Association for 23 years until 2020. 

What Is Your Academic Background

I have studied Music and Public Health and know a lot about the conditions of good health for groups of people, how to monitor and influence it. I hold a graduate degree in pedagogy, a Master’s Degree in Public Health and an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education as Complementary Therapist.

Who Are “Your People”?

As a health coach, I assist people such as you could experience from the above blogpost.

I work with actors, dancers, musicians or sportists in approaching high performance situations, or after injury.  

I am working at RKZ in Zurich, the medical clinic of a spine surgeon where I help people with chronic or recurring back pain, or after whiplash trauma.

What Other Interests Do You Pursue?

  • Coaching: Studying with Clinton Swaine since 2008.

  • Marketing: I am interested in marketing for the past 20plus years and studied with people like Lisa Cherney, Marisa Murgatroyd, Shane Melaugh, Viola Eva, Clinton Swaine and others.
    Since long the marketing space is overly “hypey” and loud and often out of touch with the reality for SMEs, I am looking for more sense in this space. I call it “Straight Marketing” and pursue this with my boutique webdesign agency GoMobile Swiss™ where we design and develop websites, SEO projects, and more.
  • Writing: I am currently writing on my book on elevating consciousness in a very practical fashion. When my book is almost getting ready you'll find a link here with more information…

About the author

In a world where healthcare no longer cares about health and our doctors fight pathology rather than teach us how to advance our best health and increase our vitality, I am championing health. It is my passion to catalyze and guide world-changers to tune in to their bodies innate wisdom to aspire invigorating and ever improving coordination & movement health for a life time.
Becoming as healthy and vigorous as possible enables us to empower ourselves and others and shape our environment, our world. As B. Ware puts it: “Health brings a freedom very few realize, until they no longer have it.”

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