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The Motion Master® Manifesto

No-Nonsense Approach 

Everything we do here is done in a humane way, based on a
No-Nonsense Approach.

You want to change and establish new habits. 


That's the challenge and also where the joy and fun can be found.

Cause And Effect
At the heart of Motion Mastery™ lies reasoning, with a twinkle in the eye.
That entails paying due attention to the causal relationships in everday life and the willingness to acquire a mental discipline to get the grip on your coordination and learning to benefit from your body's well made-ness

Dealing With Habit And Change

Within Motion Mastery™ change nearly always happens at the
"Speed of Thought".
Schools should have taught us many things, but have let us down on understanding ourselves in order to deal with ourselves a little more constructively.

Championing Health!

In a world where healthcare has become too busy fighting pathology and disease instead of teaching us how to advance our best health, Ulf Tölle MPH is deeply passionate about championing health.

While this attitude of "addressing problems downstream is good enough" has been instilled into us for decades, our healthcare systems are effectively no longer taking care of our health. For sustainable health we better learn to look upstream.

Motion Mastery™ is a change of paradigm. It is a vehicle you can use to learn how to access and unlock more personal health. A slight warning though:  you might end up making health your first priority…

Every step along the way, Motion Mastery™ shows you how you can take more responsibility for yourself within everyday life with easy to implement ways. Incremental adjustments in lifestyle result in having a meaningful impact by which we influence both our own health and our environment for the better.

Injustice drives us up the wall , regularly.

Institutional and government healthcare systems designed to improve people’s wellbeing and health are known to have damaging, unintended consequences as byproducts. This invisible cost, not revealed to the majority of people, impacting the lives of many thousands of people and destroying the quality of life for millions is a hidden injustice. It drives me as much up the wall as the less hidden attempts of corporations, governments and legislative bodies to threaten and injure fundamental human rights.

Governments have a responsibility for the health of their peoples which can be fulfilled only by the provision of adequate health and social measures.
Principle set out in the preamble to the Constitution of the WHO**

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Our list – just for starters:

  • Nestlé and its denial of access to water to be a human right;
  • North Dakota Pipeline;
  • systematic robbery of so called “governments” and “representatives”who steal from the people they claim to represent;
  • the crimes committed against human rights;
  • the crimes committed against constitutional rights;
  • the crazy supposition it is ok to do that… with some groups of people who are seen by either religion or colour of skin, but not when it is done with "my" group;
  • the genocide going on in Brazil by the government's omission of taking care of its indigenous peoples in times of Covid-19;
  • the extraordinary recklessness that the UK government does not share the full dataset with local Public Health professionals, basically lying about 90% of new Covid cases; 
  • LafargeHolcim polluting a village in Nigeria with finest dust particles;
  • The human disaster in Palestine: Gaza and the daily violations of human rights in Gaza and the West Bank;
  • Glencore causing environmental disasters in Peru, in Tchad…
  • …and the list goes on

Informed opinion and active co-operation on the part of the public are of the utmost importance in the improvement of the health of the people.
Principle set out in the preamble to the Constitution of the WHO**

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Health, Grass Root Movements,

 Community Leaders & Civil Disobedience

‘More than ever, we need grass roots movements that function in more creative and flexible ways to have significant and effective impact.

‘More than ever, we need community leaders, willing to deploy their leadership qualities, to challenge the status quo in CONSTRUCTIVE ways (i.e. oriented on the lines of: what are we building with this?), committed to bringing forth short, medium and long-term change and to Cutting The Crap*.

Motion Mastery™ catalyzes and guides world-changers to tune in to their body's innate wisdom to aspire invigorating and ever improving coordination and movement health for a lifetime.

We understand civil disobedience, and supporting and promoting your own health as the right, the duty and the task of each and everyone.

Only when we are at peak level with our own vitality can we be a role model for other people and lead them to influence our environment constructively. Becoming as healthy and vigorous as possible enables us to empower ourselves and others to shape our immediate environment – our world. In this sense (and in this sense only) health is mandatory if you want to step up into any leadership position, because you will be in there for the long haul. What is needed in our world today is not quick fixes or short burst sprints, but sustainable and long-haul commitment to achieve significant results.

The extension to all peoples of the benefits of medical, psychological and related knowledge is essential to the fullest attainment of health.
Principle set out in the preamble to the Constitution of the WHO**

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Independence, Life & Challenges

There are still more aspects to all this: Becoming handy and self-reliant, respecting Nature and Mother Earth… .

And when you turn older you want to stay independent, first and foremost individually - but it doesn't even end there. Our societies simply cannot cope with an avalanche of people who are getting older and becoming dependent on carers.

We need to work our way towards independence, mental as well as physical, and embrace maintaining independence for our lifetime.

Life is a bold task with a lot of fun and joy ahead. But life is also a call for us to meet its challenges…

Currently Ulf is writing on his book on elevating consciousness in a very practical fashion. When his book is almost getting ready you'll find a link here with more information…

* Ricky and The Razors are very clear and articulate in their song "Cut the Crap":
Certainly «It's time to cut the CRAP and it's time to wake up for the leaders of the world»

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"Health brings a freedom very few realize until they no longer have it."
Bronnie Ware – Palliative Care Nurse ***

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This Manifesto is a work in progress. I make no apology for this. This is just to let ya know about this fact. As my work is constantly evolving, so will this manifesto.  


Our world seriously needs to change, and I want YOU to become one of its changemakers. I root for YOU and if you think I could be of help, shoot me an email. I will certainly read and consider it, and get back to you.

Love you brother, love you sister!

Ulf Tölle MPH

  ** Source of WHO quote: Preamble to the Constitution of WHO
*** Source of Bronnie Ware quote

On Motion Mastery™

What Is The Objective Of Motion Mastery™?

Motion Mastery™ is a place where people can find orientation and tools to improve their health, so they can become more of who they are.

What Health Related Services Do You Offer?

I am a neuromuscular re-education specialist and coach. I have a medical training background as complementary therapist and one way to think about Motion Mastery™ is: it's a place where you can find orientation towards better health.

And you don't have to be sick first to improve your personal health.

You can think of me as a personal health coach and more correctly as a movement health coach. If there were topics involved like for e.g. nutrition, I'd refer you to competent professionals in that field. And I'll certainly refer you to your primary health care provider if it is an issue of his or her field.
Please also observe our Medical Disclaimer

Does Motion Mastery™ Provide Primary Health Care?

Motion Mastery™ is not a substitute for the consultation, diagnosis, and / or medical treatment of your condition by a doctor or primary healthcare provider.

Please also observe our Medical Disclaimer

What Is Your Training Background?

I am a professional performer and trained as coach for movement health in a STAT recognised Training Course 1983-1986. I am a member of the Swiss Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique SBAT. 
 Between 1993-1997 I immersed a second time in an Alexander Teacher Training Course, and studied the Interactive Teaching Method with Dr. Donald L. Weed D.C. and have been a member of the ITM Teachers' Association for 23 years. 
Currently I am studying Personal Health Coach, an advanced studies' course by the University of Basel, Switzerland.

What Is Your Academic Background

I have studied music and public health and know a lot about the conditions of good health for groups of people, how to monitor and influence it. I hold a Graduate Degree in Pedagogy, a Master’s Degree in Public Health and an Advanced Federal Diploma of Higher Education as Complementary Therapist. Currently I am in the middle of a CAS for Personal Health Coach at the University of Basel, Switzerland.

Who Are “Your People”?

As a personal health coach, I assist people such as you could experience from the above blogpost.

I work with actors, dancers, musicians or sportists in approaching high performance situations or getting back after injury.  

I am working within a network of therapists serving the patients / clients of two clinics in Zurich: the medical clinic of a spine surgeon and the clinic of a neuro surgeon, where I help people with chronic or recurring back pain and after whiplash trauma.

What Other Interests Do You Pursue?

  • Coaching: Studying with Clinton Swaine since 2008.
 Studying Personal Health Coaching at the University in Basel 2021/2022
  • Marketing: I am interested in marketing for the past 20plus years and studied with people like Lisa Cherney, Marisa Murgatroyd, Shane Melaugh, Viola Eva, Clinton Swaine, Kane and Alessia Minkus and others.
    The Marketing space is since long overly “hypey” and loud and often out of touch with the reality for SMEs. I am looking for more sense in this space. I call it “Straight Marketing” and pursue this with my boutique agency swiss online marketing agency™ where we design and develop Websites, SEO projects, and more.
  • Writing: I am currently on my book on elevating consciousness in a very practical fashion. When my book is almost getting ready you'll find a link here with more information…
  • Playing the french horn, the alpine horn
  • Preparing for an ironman 70.3 in 2023